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best hp gaming laptop In this article, we discuss some of the standout features of HP gaming laptops that are certain to delight buyers. While purchasing an HP gaming laptop, these pointers can help you arrive at a decision that is customized and delightful.

We have also assembled a list of the worthiest picks—HP gamers that should agree with even the most passionate audiences.

The gaming world is fascinating, drawing in newer audiences each passing minute. Along with players, the evolving landscape has also brought more tech companies into the market. More computing giants than ever now build gaming laptops; among them is HP, the quintessential paragon of secure and durable computing.

In its lineup of gaming devices, HP has remained true to its persona. Most of the laptops exude the sense of reliability you associate with the brand, from their build and construction to their mechanisms to ensure sustainability. But what the brand deserves even more credit for is the smart manner in which it has adapted to new-age trends.

Today, not only are HP gaming laptops worth falling back on for efficient gaming, but you can also expect them to offer dazzling graphics, engrossing sound, and smart technologies for connectivity. The tech giant has also set up an extensive network of customer support, letting users make purchases without fretting about glitches or damage.

HP may not be the first in terms of brand recall when it comes to gameplay since companies like MSI, Razer and ASUS have cemented their reputation in this realm. But it sure enjoys a healthy status and is even the laptop of choice among audiences who prefer to side with a silent, quiet performer that won’t let them down.

Our Picks: 5 Best HP Gaming Laptops 2023

We have handpicked the five best gaming laptops from HP, across the Omen and Pavilion lineups. (This list includes new launches as well as classics.) When you purchase one of these devices, be prepared for exciting times ahead!

1. HP OMEN 16 (Intel) Gaming Laptop

HP OMEN 16 (Intel) 2022

With an intention to prioritize continuous gaming, the HP OMEN 16 is designed to optimize gaming performance with next-level engineering to provide desktop-level performance without any lags and delays, thanks to the Intel Core i9-12900H processors integrated into the gaming laptop.

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Further paired with the RTX 3070 Ti GPU, the model runs smoothly and render some of the best gaming experience with ray tracing and Max-Q technologies. That’s not it since the laptop is also integrated with 32GB RAM, which elevates the overall gaming performance to the next level.

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Backed with the exclusive OMED Tempest cooling, the gaming laptop doesn’t get worked up and enables users to stay hooked to the device for prolonged hours. As for the display, the device is equipped with a 16.1” FHD display panel for stark and stunning visuals.

Reasons to buy

  • Unbeatable performance
  • High-end RAM configuration
  • Superior thermal solutions

Reasons to avoid

  • Quite a hefty price point
  • Display output could be better

2. HP OMEN 16 (AMD) Gaming Laptop

HP OMEN 16 (AMD) 2022

For the users who prefer AMD over Intel processors, thankfully, the HP OMEN 16 comes with an AMD version as well.

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It is powered by the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX with up to 4.9GHz max boost clock specification. The GPU configuration is optimized with the AMD Radeon RX 6650M Graphics for the ultimate gameplay and productivity.

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Besides these basic configurations, what stands out is the exclusive OMEN Tempest cooling with 32GB RAM for superior multitasking experience without a glitch or buffer. As for storage, the gaming laptop boasts up to 2TB SSD of faster storage configuration.

HP hasn’t compromised its display configuration since the model is equipped with a 16.1” QHD display panel with up to 300 nits brightness, 165Hz refresh rate and 100% sRGB color options. It runs on the Windows 11 Home OS.

Reasons to buy

  • Supports gaming and productivity
  • Exclusive thermal solutions
  • Stunning display configuration

Reasons to avoid

  • Port selection could be better
  • Brightness is quite less

3. HP OMEN 17 17-inch Gaming Laptop

HP OMEN 17 2022

For the advanced gamer on the lookout for a more expansive display in a gaming laptop, the HP OMEN 17 is a worthy option to consider.

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The 17.3” diagonal display features fast frames and higher resolution to render one of the best viewing experiences.

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Powered with up to Intel Core i9-12900HX processor with Turbo Boost technology, the users won’t ever have to compromise on the performance ever again. Also, it is backed with up to RTX 3080 Ti for the ultimate graphics performance without any compromise.

If you are concerned about the storage and RAM configuration, the OMEN 17 doesn’t fall short in that department too. It is integrated with up to 2TB SSD storage and up to 32GB RAM configuration for the ultimate multitasking and performance.

Reasons to buy

  • High performance laptop
  • VR-ready version
  • Good battery life

Reasons to avoid

  • Lacks macro/shortcut keys
  • Does get hot and loud

4. HP Victus 15 Budget Gaming Laptop

HP Victus 15 2022 HP’s second-best gaming laptop series is Victus and the HP Victus 15 deserves a mention in the list, thanks to the stunning design and the next gen performance.

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The model is powered by the Intel Core i7-12700H processor with up to RTX 3050 Ti GPU configuration for the ultimate gameplay.

Besides that, the model also stands out with its 15.6” diagonal display panel with low blue light and TUV + Eyesafe configuration. It is backed with 300 nits brightness and 100% sRGB options for vivid and true to life color reproduction.

As for the internal specifications, the Victus 15 is backed with up to 1TB SSD storage and 16GB RAM configuration for the ultimate gaming performance without any interruptions in the middle. It runs on the latest Windows 11 OS.

Reasons to buy

  • Affordable price point
  • Optimal port selection
  • Available in Intel and AMD versions

Reasons to avoid

  • Display configuration isn’t optimal
  • All-plastic body

5. HP Victus 15 AMD Gaming Laptop

HP Victus 15 AMD 2022 Just as we mentioned, the HP Victus 15 is also available in a stunning and responsive AMD version that is powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor with AMD Radeon RX 6500M Graphics for the ultimate next-gen gaming performance without any buffer.

Check Price on HP Official

Besides the performance configuration, another factor that stands out in the model is the combination of 1TB SSD storage with 16GB RAM, both of which render the best gameplay experience and faster application booting in a matter of seconds. Also, the laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 11 OS for easy access to all the latest functionalities.

If you are particularly concerned about the display, the Victus 15 is equipped with a 15.6” diagonal, anti-glare display panel with low blue light and 300 nits brightness. The audio by B&O is pretty loud and crisp as well.

Reasons to buy

  • Optimized performance
  • Comes with Windows 11 OS
  • Responsive gameplay

Reasons to avoid

  • A little bulky and made of plastic
  • Battery life could be better

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Best Features of HP Gaming Laptops

best features of hp gaming laptops

Traditionally, HP has been known for building robust laptops that could stand the test of time. While this is an important benefit in the gaming world, there is a lot more that HP brings to the table. Here are some of the finest features in HP gaming laptops that lend them a distinct edge in a fiercely competitive environment:

  • Single-panel access to internal components: Sheer processing power is a powerful plus in most HP gaming laptop. While you can find ample memory and storage to serve your needs, a bigger advantage is the simple upgradeability. Thanks to the single-panel access that HP has arranged, you can customize your machine like a pro minus any additional equipment. Some laptops offer as much as 32GB RAM and up to 2TB storage. You can comfortably stock up all your gaming files and have bountiful space left over for other pursuits.
  • NVIDIA GTX and RTX graphics: Most laptops in HP’s gaming range offer NVIDIA graphics cards. GTX cards get the job done just fine, but you might want to side with an RTX card if you crave a truly enriching experience. The plusses include real-time ray tracing and images fine-tuned by artificial intelligence. You can observe the difference when you play discerning games that involve rapid transitions and effects.
  • Advanced thermal solutions: HP laptops boast of efficient heat dissipation systems to ensure that heat does not come in the way of gaming. The laptops use multiple fans, air vents, etc., with greater airflow to bring about effective cooling. Many users find that the cooling on HP gamers is quieter than in some peers; this gives you a more focused play environment sans any distracting noise.
  • Quick-charging battery: Imagine powering up your machine to 50% in only 30 minutes. HP gaming laptops frequently offer quick-charging batteries that let you amp up the juice while you are waiting at the boarding gate in an airport. This is especially useful for anyone who wants to plug into terrific gaming and multimedia experiences while traveling.
  • Superior audio: Although HP is working on building compact devices, it has maintained a keen focus on high-quality audio. Many gaming laptops come with Bang & Olufsen speakers and utilize specialized boost technology for better sound and volume. The idea is to replicate desktop-gaming and silence anyone who claims that gameplay on a laptop can never match up.
  • Affordability: Perhaps the most endearing bonus of HP gaming laptops is that they are cost-effective. Many high-performance laptops are available in less than $1000; they don’t cut too many corners either. This makes HP the ideal choice for those on a tight budget but desirous of power-packed operation.

On the flip side, some users argue that HP gaming laptop suffer on the display front. The brand has been working on changing this dynamic by bringing out models with 4K displays and refresh rates of 144Hz. You might have to dole out more money for these configurations, but the difference in the visuals will be worth it.

Selecting the Right HP Gaming Laptop for Your Needs

selecting the right hp gaming laptop

So, how should you go about deciding the right HP laptop to buy? The two main lineups to consider are Omen and Pavilion. While the former tends to deliver extreme power and lean toward professional gamers, the latter has an advantage in terms of sleekness and mobility. Both ranges provide stunning aesthetics—something that the company has been focusing on to dispel the notion that it addresses primarily business users and students.

Here are a few guidelines to select the right laptop for your lifestyle, within your budget:

Processing chamber

Are you a gaming pro or a casual player? Professionals might need to go all the way—an Intel Core i7 or i9 processor with at least 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. An NVIDIA RTX card might be mandatory if they need to avail of features like real-time ray tracing and images enhanced through artificial intelligence.

However, if you are not a professional or competitive gamer, you might be satisfied with an Intel Core i5 CPU, NVIDIA GTX graphics, and lower memory and storage (e.g. 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD).

Choosing a higher specification automatically means shelling out more cash. This makes it crucial that you select wisely, keeping in mind that upgrading is always an option (and really straightforward on HP).

Display specifications

The first decision here is the screen size. A 17-inch screen is, undoubtedly, engaging and immersive. But a 15.6” display is perfect for day-to-day gaming while maintaining a degree of mobility for travel.

Another important consideration here is the screen resolution. Do you want an FHD monitor or a 4K resolution? Most modern games work well on the former as long as you choose an optimal refresh rate.

While 240Hz is a bit of a stretch and required only for those who seek extreme sensitivity, a refresh rate of 144Hz is ideal for many serious gamers. You should also look for an anti-glare panel, vivid brightness, and compatibility with In-Plane Switching (IPS).

This will let you watch/play from various vantage points without suffering any loss of detail. If you tend to game in a group, this becomes even more important to let all the players enjoy visual clarity.


In the modern world, being able to carry your world with you is more critical than ever. Choosing a lightweight and thin laptop can make all the difference—preferably under 6 lbs and 1 inch. However, for those who are content with gaming in a stationary workstation or den, mobility will not be as important a criterion.

Besides the weight and the thickness, battery life is also a key aspect to consider. Many HP gaming laptops offer quick-charging batteries that make it simple to work/play in public transport, airports, etc. You don’t need to be tethered to a charging station all the time.

While assessing the suitability of the laptop for travel, it would be wise to check the availability of ports such as USB (particularly Type-C for rapid data transfer), HDMI, display ports etc. Gamers frequently need to plug into peripherals like external displays and controllers, which makes this an indispensable requirement.

Bonus features

Do you need any custom features in your gaming laptop, such as an RGB-backlit keyboard? How about a numeric keypad? HP OMEN X 2S—a recently launched HP gaming machine—comes with a dual-screen for those who need tools to enhance both their productivity and their level of immersion in the game.

Tip: While assessing the keyboard, make sure to check for anti-ghosting and n-key rollover. Since gaming often involves rapid key presses made in quick succession, these features are vital for an accurate response.

Final Word

In recent years, HP has made giant strides in the gaming world and come up with fantastic laptops that can rival other established players. From power-packed performance to crystal-clear display, the company has worked hard to offer gamers all-round solutions.

Today, HP provides a wide variety of options tailored to the gaming needs of different audiences.

For instance, if portability is a priority for you, a laptop like the HP Omen 15 can be a good option.

For those who value multitasking and desire to enjoy next-level gaming, the HP OMEN 17 is an interesting pick. Likewise, you can find products that cater to requirements such as unplugged usage, superior sound, and easy upgradeability.

While selecting an HP gaming laptop, remember to look at the big picture. It is helpful to ask questions like how sustainable the device will be.

Will it support the latest AAA games at the settings you desire? How about allowing you to customize the hardware and software? With HP, important facets of a computing machine like security and dependability are a given.

Making a considered choice will allow you to zero down on a versatile gamer that serves you well for a good, long time.

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