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Microsoft is taking a lot of major steps lately to make Windows 11, more visually appealing and functional at the same time. Take the new Moment update for example. Microsoft made several visual changes and added multiple useful features like Windows Copilot and several other AI tools across its platform and apps. Now, the company is also testing a new Scrollable Quick Settings menu that allows users to have more controls at their fingertips.

Scrollable Quick Settings introduced in new Windows Insider build

With the release of the new Windows Insider Build 25967 (in the Canary Channel), Microsoft rolled out several new tweaks to Windows 11, and that includes a new Scrollable Quick Settings menu. This feature is still in the tryout phase and isn’t guaranteed to be released to the public yet, but it is quite interesting.

Scrollable Quick Settings

On the current Public Build, you can add the quick setting toggles directly into a singular menu. When you do this, the menu gets taller and acquires a lot of screen space on the right side of the display. Adding more toggles to the menu is also a manual process that takes some extra time.

With this new setup, users will have all the quick settings toggles available in one place. This also keeps the exact same window size, so the menu won’t block extra space on the display. While not confirmed yet, this feature can come in extremely handy for a large number of Windows 11 users.

Everything else introduced in the Insider build 25967

Microsoft didn’t bring anything new to this update, but it made several other changes in this build. First, and perhaps the most important change of all, is the removal of Cortana. No one was using Cortana, and the company finally decided to pull the plug and end support. With this build, they’ve fully taken Cortana away.

The new Settings Homepage that came to the latest Windows 11 Public Build, was also added, and Windows 11 system apps now show a “system” label under “All apps” in the “Start” menu. There’s also a fix for multiple issues that were leading to “explorer.exe” crashing.

Source: Windows Insider Blog

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